Introducing GCMS v2

Mon Apr 30 03:49:58 2012 by Eric Hokanson
Modified Mon Apr 30 03:52:26 2012

You may have noticed a few changes around here.  After roughly two years of work I have finally reached a milestone on the second version of my content management system, Gatherer.  After Google changed everything with the introduction of Google+, it broke the way the old version worked.  It was time to bring everything up to date anyway.

While based on the same technologies, GCMS v2 is almost a complete rewrite of its predecessor.  It now uses the entire Zend Framework application stack, the new Smarty 3 templating engine, and the HTML 5/CSS 3 Twitter Bootstrap template.  As before, GCMS has the ability to automatically import feeds from RSS or ATOM but can now also import from Google+.

The code is completely open source under the LGPL3 license and is now hosted on GitHub.  I still consider it in a beta stage at this point but it should be largely functional.  Feel free to send along those pull requests!

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