Video Game Ringtones

Fri Nov 3 14:10:39 2006 by Eric Hokanson
Modified Sat Jun 9 21:33:24 2012


I recently upgraded my phone to one that supports MP3 ringtones. Of course all the ringtones that came with the phone were horrible and I couldn't justify paying $1.99+ for some new ones. I decided to rip some music straight from my favorite games and transfer them to my phone. I've shared a few with you below, enjoy!


Q: How do I get these MP3s on my phone?
A: You must either use your phone's web browser and surf to this page and download them to your phone or download them to your PC and use Bluetooth or a PC interface kit to transfer them to your phone.  If your phone's browser isn't that great, try the euploader service.  I've also been told that if you can recieve e-mail on your phone you can e-mail the MP3 to yourself.

Q: Can you send them to my phone?
A: No


Contra #1
Contra #2
Excitebike #1
Excitebike #2
F-Zero (Mute City)
Big thanks to for many of the songs!


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