My Software & Scripts

Tue Jan 27 14:18:30 2009 by Eric Hokanson
Modified Mon Jul 2 04:15:39 2012

My collection of open source software and scripts I've developed.

Arduino (C/C++)

destroyallhumans - Collection of libraries and projects to build robots and other cool hardware.



Windows ╬╝Tweaker - Tweak hidden Windows Vista/7 settings to maximize performance.



Gatherer CMS - A powerful Zend Framework driven CMS that runs my blog.

Interactive Photo Album - An online photo album that I wrote back in the 90s before any of the current sites existed.

Debt Web - Keep track of money you owe or are owed.


Processing (Java)

See Arduino.


World Of Warcraft (LUA)

Know-It-AllKnow-It-All - Addon for AtlasLoot Enhanced.





Know-It-AllAtlasLootReverse - NECB clone.