Raspberry Pi Revision 2.0 Board Announced

Sat Sep 8 04:38:50 2012 from hardware.slashdot.org

An anonymous reader writes "The Raspberry Pi finally saw a release on February 29 this year and is thought to have sold 200,000 units, with a million expected to ship before the year is over. That's a lot of tiny PCs, but it's also been an opportunity for owners to feedback any problems or tweaks they'd like made to the board. The Raspberry Pi Foundation has taken the feedback on board and today announced a revised design is being put into produc... [Read More..]

The revision 2.0 fixes most of my complaints with the first revision.  Although, I still don't believe that a micro USB is a very good choice for a power connector.  Progress on the linux kernel is also progressing at a glacier pace with parts of the hardware still underutilized.  I'd say the Arduino is still my hacker board of choice.