Kindle Pre-Orders Now Live For Fire, Fire HD...

Fri Sep 7 01:37:12 2012 from

The all-new Amazon Kindles are all now available for pre-ordering from Amazon’s website. The Kindle Paperwhite retails for $119, or $179 for a version with built-in, free 3G connectivity, and those versions ship on Oct. 1. The Kindle Fire HD models come in both 7- and 8.9-inch flavors, and retail for $199 and $299 respectively for 16GB versions of those, or $249 and $369 for 32GB versions while a $499 LTE version with 32GB of storage is also avai... [Read More..]

The new Kindle HD is nice but to me it seems to fall flat when compared to the Nexus 7.  The Nexus 7 features a faster 1.3 quad-core, a more powerful GPU, GPS, and NFC.  The Kindle does have double the storage but now that everything is in the cloud I can't remember the last time I actually stored something on a mobile device.  That basically leaves the HDMI out and the "faster" WiFi as the only selling points.